Jig reloading cartridge Dampl-one

Jig reloading cartridge Dampl-one

Jig reloading cartridge Dampl-one



What is Dampl- one?

How many times have you had to use the kinetic hammer for different reasons and start reloading because your cartridge (ammo) did not agree with the size of the charging tables?

How many times have you lost a race because the performance of your cartridges (ammunition) did not match?

How many times without realizing you have passed the safety pressure in the barrel with all the risks connected to your safety and that of your friends?

The Dampl-one is a "multi-gauge" dimensional verification device for a reloaded cartridges, for which a patent application has been filed in Italy and the United States.

It is not a measuring instrument, therefore it has only the function of highlighting macro differences in the dimensions of cartridges having the same length and size.

Dampl-one: multi-gauge verification device for checking the overall length (Cartridge Overall Length) of a cartridge during reloading operations

The form and the material may vary at our sole discretion in order to make technical improvements in relation to the characteristics of the raw materials.

Here are the two standard devices ... but on request we make Dampl-one for any size!


A big thanks you to Mr. Joel F. Guerin - NRA / USA Reloading Instructor with whom we have a pleasant confrontation ..... and that will explain the Dampl-one in the next edition of his book "The things that did not tell you about the recharge

We suggest you his book ....www.Reloadingbasics.com

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